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How to Repair Your Garage Door 0

Many times we have had the garage door stuck on its tracks or misbehaving in a variety of ways. Naturally not many people have the expertise to repair the door and have to call in a specialist to handle the issue. There are two problems to doing this. One is that the repair person may not come as urgently as you may need them to and two it is a costly affair. However, fixing your broken garage door does not need expertise. It just needs a little knowledge and a tool box. You may have the latter but lack the knowledge. Well, here it is.

Mounting tracks

For any garage door repair, you first have to find the cause of the problem. There could be a variety of issues and we will try and address all of them. The first step to the diagnosis is to first lock the garage door. After check the tracks and more specifically the mounting tracks. If the door moves awkwardly when being operated the underlying problem could be the mounting tracks. If you find the tracks too loose, you should tighten the loose bolts or screws and the problem is fixed.

The tracks

The tracks could be faulty in a variety of ways. Check them for flat spots, crimps or dents. If any of these appear, using a rubber mallet, hammer them back into shape. Alternatively, you can usea block of wood for support and a hammer to do the same. After check the tracks to ensure that they are aligned correctly. To do this, you need a level. The vertical tracks should be exactly plump while the horizontal ones should slant slightly towards the backside of the garage. If the alignment is not okay, unfasten the screws or the bolts without removing them. Hit the tracks slightly to get them back in position and use the level again to see if the alignment is now correct. If they are, you can now tighten the loose bolts or screws back again.

Other parts

After checking the mounting tracks and the tracks, you could use a concentrated house hold cleaner for cleaning the tracks and also the rollers. This will help remove any hardened grease and any other dirt that could be causing the garage door to get stuck. After wipe the tracks and the rollers dry and then add a fresh coat of grease. Now check the rest of the hardware and tighten any lose screws or bolts and your door is as good as new.


If your roll-up door has got only of one torsion spring at the center, it is safer not to try and fix it. Tension at this spring is immense and could easily inflict serious injury if not handled properly. If this is the problem it is safer to call in an expert. Aside from that your garage door repair should have worked and your door should now be able to work normally again.

Important Tips on Garage Door Repair 0

Garage doors make things easy especially when the system is automated as you do not have to keep getting in and out of the car to close and open the garage door, however; they are not without their own drawbacks that come in form of breaks and malfunctions. When your door is not working properly, you can just have a simple garage door repair that will save you a great deal. Not every problem associated with a garage door spell the purchasing of new parts or replacing the door entirely. Some can be solved using simple repair processes that you can handle a home.

Which type of door repairs do you need?

Prior to calling in an expert, you should first evaluate the situation to find out the root cause of the problem. This is one of the most important tips in repairing garage doors as most people immediately call in professionals while it is a simple thing they can do on their own without having to spend a lot on repair costs.

How much repair work is needed?

There are different levels of repair and you need to figure out what is needed exactly. There are simple processes that you can easily handle such as tightening loose parts, lubricating, aligning the tracks and cleaning. You can also check if the opener is powered as sometimes the garage door could not be working as a result of insufficient electricity to the opener.

Which type of opener do you use?

Prior to starting the repair, you should find out the type of opener it uses. It is easy to handle the repair works when it is a standard extension garage door. It is however important to avoid working on a garage door that uses torsion springs. This is better left to the experts as they are experienced in handling torsion springs and they know all the safety requirements needed.

More repair works

When handling any other garage door repair processes you need to disconnect the opener so as to avoid electric shocks or fires. Be careful because if the problem has something to do with the spring, the door might fall unexpectedly. You therefore need to employ measures that will secure the door in place as you work on it. For all the complex procedures, you are advised to call in a garage door expert to professionally handle the problem instead of risking your life or making matters worse.

Garage Door Repair 0

A garage door repair is one of the processes that can be handled by a homeowner depending on the extent of the damage. There are checks that you can conduct prior to involving a professional to repair your garage door. While some repairs are easy such as squeaky doors, some can be dangerous and will need an experienced professional to take care of them. Prior to starting the repair process, you need to unplug the opener to avoid electric shocks. If you will be using power tools, it is crucial that you use safety glasses. Here are some of the things you can do on your own.

Check Damages on Metal Tracks

This is an easy process that will go a long way in enabling you solve any problem associated with the metal tracks. It is common for the metal tracks to have bumps or dents. These dents and bumps can be a great hindrance to the proper function of the door. The best way to approach this is by using a block of wood and a hammer to straighten the track.

Check Track Alignment

This is an important repair tip as in most cases when the garage door is malfunctioning; it is probably a misalignment of the tracks. The repair involves unscrewing the tracks or loosening the bolts to enable a slight tapping that will put the tracks back in line. You can use a level to check the track alignment and the repair will be as good as done.

Remove Dirt

Sometimes a garage door repair procedure will be as good as cleaning. Sometimes the lubricant can mix with dirt to form a hardened stuff that will prevent normal operations of the door. You will need to clean the tracks and ensure there is no hindrance. Lubricate it with new clean lubricants for easy movements.

Tighten Screws and bolts

This is more of a regular checkup than a repair process. To prevent any challenges when using the garage door, it is important that you regularly check the screws and bolts. This is because with time, they might loosen up and cause hitches. Make sure all rollers and tracks are lubricates.

What not to do

If the problem involves the above hitches, you can comfortably solve it but it is advised that you should not attempt to employ your garage door repair skills to a problem involving the spring unless you are a trained professional in garage door repair. There are many cases of injury and death caused by this spring and it is only wise to let a professional handle it.